adrino – mobile ad network

Today’s reality means diversity of devices, technologies, variety and complexity of applications. That is why adverts need specialist approach to that new and constantly changing medium.
We are specialists in mobile marketing. We know such aspects of our work very few are aware of and are ready to share our knowledge with our Clients.

Rich Media

Custom ad formats designed to activate the user and tostay with them for long throughout pleasant interaction. Our work is our passion, we don’t need any patterns. We are ready to implement any idea!


We offer full spectrum of data in one standardized report. We measure more – not only basic data but the traffic on creation, in application and on landing page. Our goal is not only to activate, but to measure the activity.


The campaign is successful when it reaches the user precisely. With us you can target your advertising message e.g. through geolocation, smartphone’s model and/or operating system as well as thematic category.


We present a creative approach to each of our campaigns. We provide our Clients with support throughout the campaign from the start until the end. Our highly qualified specialists are ready to help, counsel and support – we are not only the middlemen.

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What do we do:


adrino case study

Basic ad formats offered by us are designed in compliance with MMA’s (Mobile Marketing Association’s) standards.


adrino – mobile campaign using Rich Media for Książęce


adrino – mobile campaign using Rich Media for Lech


adrino – mobile campaign using Rich Media for mBank


adrino – mobile campaign using Rich Media for Opel


adrino – mobile campaign using Rich Media for Volkswagen


adrino – mobile campaign using Rich Media for Peugeot

adrino – mobile ad network

For us every brief is a new challenge.

adrino – mobile ad network

Mobile network adrino is created by team consisting of experienced specialists in both mobile and Internet advertising. We gained our experience through cooperation with the biggest Publishers and Media Sales Houses in Poland.

  • For us every brief is a new challenge we are ready to create unconventional solutions for.
  • By using our unique technology we provide benefits for Advertisers, Publishers and Application Designers.
  • We are an independent company offering its services in Poland as well as in CEE countries.
  • We support and counsel our Clients step by step in order to let them draw extensively on potential of digital and on-line advertising.

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